Monday, March 18, 2013


"Be for tonight what you've always dreamed"

A young girl sits swinging her feet
Small and impressionable, not yet the age of three

She gazes in awe at the person before her
Graceful and lovely she floats across the floor

Inspired and intrigued she wiggles out of her chair
With pink ballet slippers too big on her feet and a tiny bun in her hair

She sways this way and that as adults politely gush and praise
Dreams of dancing fill her mind all of those childhood days

So she slings her pink bag over her shoulder week after week
Hoping to become something amazing with those two pointed feet

As the years go by she grows and progresses
No longer the thing driving her, simply the frilly dresses

From childhood to pre-teens she learns quite a lot
Kicks leaps and turns are most important…or so she thought

Onward she moves through her teen years, ever dancing still
Without her art there would be empty space in her wishing to fill

She dances through the tears, frustrations, and let downs
Pushing harder everyday letting the music move her with its powerful sound

She walks into rehearsal one day
Stares into the mirror and is in shock to see her hard work had finally paid.

Pushing hard and never letting herself stop
Had magically pulled her out on top

No longer the tricks most important to her
She doesn't simply dance, she is dancer--an artist, all because she endured

She steps on to the stage to perform this night
The love for what she does exudes from her, shining bright

So whether she will dance a million days after this one
Or this be her last time she gets to show what she's become

She will perform with all her heart and soul on the line
There are only so many tomorrows as she has seen time after time…..

Blessed as we are to do what we love
We must never take for granted the abilities given from above

Because the artist that began with a dream and two pointed feet
Belongs here on this stage today, her favorite challenge ready to meet

By: Haley Hilton

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