Monday, March 25, 2013


This week, as well as every week of my life, I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessing of a wonderful and loving mother. 

My mom has been and will always be my number one cheerleader and greatest example. 
While I find myself saying thank you over and over again it doesn't feel like enough.

I would like to take this time to publicly thank this amazing woman for everything she is to me!

Through out my years growing up my mom taught me far too many invaluable lessons to name, but I wanted to list a few that I hope to live up to through out my life. 

#1. Always do the "should's" of life
This is important to me because it has taught me tact and caring all in one. As far as my mom believes, there are certain things in life you really just should do. This ranges from doing homework, to visiting Grandparent's on Sunday's, to making the ward member who just had a baby, a meal. I know if I follow her example and always do the "should's" my life will be far more rewarding and fulfilling. 
#2 Well we are here...
This phrase, while one of my least favorites, has become ingrained in my mind forever more. I cannot tell you how many times my mom has gotten me to do something I really didn't want to do by pulling this line on me. "Well we are here so.... we might as well try it on." "Well we are here might as well take the class." "Well we are here so... we might as well stay a little longer." Every time she says this I cringe a little because it is often times following a negative remark of mine about wanting to leave. I can honestly say that every time I do something because my mom said, "Well we are here," I find myself blessed with a wonderful experience because of it.
#3 It Never Hurts To Talk To Them
My natural reaction in time's of conflict or where I found I have made an error is to stay quiet and avoid the situation all together. I have recently had an experience just like this where my mom forced me to approach the situation I had caused head on with humility asking for help. I had no desire to do this, but she said, "It never hurts to just talk to them." Because I followed her advice I was able to completely alter and better my circumstances. 

#4 You Could Die Doing That
This has become the phrase nearly every one brings up when discussing my mom. She is a ridiculously big worry wart and therefor we are always kept laughing and safe. In every activity or situation I have been in growing up, it is coupled with a long lecture filled with various instances of how someone died doing exactly what I was about to do. It added for caution and humor in my life. Now I nearly don't do anything exciting before thinking, "My mom would really say I could die doing this...." and then I buckle up. 
#5 Don't Accept No For an Answer
My mom gets what she wants. There is no person she is afraid to talk to and no length (within reason of course) she won't go to, to make something happen. Oh I need a doctors appointment at and impossible office that is booked out until the following year? Never fear, the appointment will be made for that very day. Oh this store doesn't carry what I need? Not a problem it will be shipped their the next day with a hefty discount for us. Oh I am too late to enroll in that class? It's fine Lori found a way to squeeze me on in there without a problem. She is amazing with people and knows there is always a back door to every situation if you look for it. 
#6 Be Happy
This is one she has tried to stress on me lately as I have found myself rather bummed out. While she has had serious trials and painful experiences through out her life she has always found a way to have joy. She is one of the happiest people I know and I hope I can become more like her.

Those are just a few of the many wonderful things my mom has taught me. This woman is adored by her many friends, clients, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren and husband. There is no one I want to be more like. She is a successful, strong, caring, spiritual, intelligent woman that I am blessed to know. 

She has stepped in at times as the "Mom," role for my friends and been super woman for me through out my life. As I have grown up dancing she has helped me grow and become everything I am today. She has taught me the gospel and encouraged me to make in central to my life. She has helped me work with doctor after doctor as I seek to find what is wrong with me. She has been my greatest ally through it all. 

Love you for everything you do and are for me mom!


P.s. this past week I have been cleared to dance and am back in training. So happy about it! It is like coming home. 

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