Tuesday, March 12, 2013


So here is a little bit about me and some of my most recent experiences 


And my word have I worked my bum off to be able to claim that title. 
I eat sleep and breathe this art form.
I feel so blessed to have something to feel so passionately about. A phenomenal dance inspiration and friend of mine, Mattie Love, once said, "When you love someone as much as you love dance...you've found someone you can marry." I completely agree. And that my friends, is just one tiny example of how much dance means to me.

I began dancing when I was about two years old. 
Ballet was my first love. 
I am convinced it is the most challenging thing..... 
It requires perfect turn out, perfect feet, a thin frame, energy, balance, focus, discipline, "tweezer muscles", beauty, grace, and sooooooooooooooooooooooo much more!
Needless to say,
It is a more than worthy opponent 

And I fell in LOVE with it
Because I Haley Hilton love a challenge

My Dad always told me, "Work hard and good things will happen." So that is what I did when it came to dance. I decided that even with my evident weaknesses, I was going to work hard so that I could dance professionally one day. 

Starting Fall of 2012
I was hired to dance with Odyssey Dance Theater


While dance is my first passion, I love writing and a social life as well . I decided, (Because I am insane) that not only did I want to have a full time professional dance career, I wanted to be a full time student at BYU as well. I was going to do it ALL.

So Fall semester began and I started dancing from 8-3 every day. This consisted of class and then hours and hours of learning and rehearsing choreography. I had little tap training before this and ZERO River dancing experience. I learned two hours worth of choreography for a show that was one hundred percent cardio. (Thriller really is a blast! Go see it next October!) Then I would leave and go to class from 4-6:30 (COLLEGE IS HARD) Then I would go to a clean veggies and chicken dinner with my roommate and after hit the gym for a couple of hours. After that I would do homework and still find time to date and have a social life. During the month of the show I essentially had the same schedule only flipped + driving to Salt Lake and back every day.
Now if you know me at all. You know I am a MEGA big stresser.

Don't you think?

Ya my body thought so too...

It took my body a whole three days after the show ended before shutting right down
I was so exhausted I couldn't get myself to get out of bed
My body suddenly was showing signs of error left and right


Here began my long and exhausting search for answers.
I went to doctor after doctor.

Every one of them can recognize that there is something wrong.
Every one of them has a few ideas as to what it is.
Every one of them has started healing with me by telling me I'm not allowed to dance for a few months.
Every one of them have given me more pills and supplements than you can imagine.
Every one of them says it takes time.

Again if you know me, you know patience is definitely not my strong suit.

I am focussing my attention right now on 
Physical Health
Emotional Health

I cannot help my situation right now. 


I will do my best to describe my symptoms and what I find that works for me throughout this process. This is for those of you who are having a similar experience and are seeking answers. I will also write about how I am trying to stay positive and functional through out this for those of you who are dealing with your own physical and emotional funk and are want some input into being happy.

Here's to a new adventure!
And here is to hoping we can find some answers!!! 

But for now lets take comfort in the words from an amazing General Authority!



  1. I'm seriously in love with your blog. I've read almost all your posts to Adam and could barely get through them without sobbing! It's real hard to see the screen when you've got a bunch of water blocking your eyeballs. ;) But seriously, you're an inspiration to me, girl. I can't wait to get my first post up and start my healing process too. Thanks for all your help. I love you!