Tuesday, March 12, 2013



I promised myself I would never start a blog. Honestly I have little to no wisdom. I am eighteen years old from Holladay Utah. This essentially means my life has been one of the easiest lived in the history of the earth. I have been blessed in more ways than I can say.

I have an incredible family that has cared for me, and loved me...

Heavens they are just the best. I am sure they will come up often in each of my posts. They are without a doubt one of the major aiding aspects of my human life support. They are phenomenal people. 

I have some of the best friends in the ENTIRE world!


This is only a few of the stellar people that surround me. I cannot tell you how many times I have come home to a note or a gift on my door step encouraging me to keep my head up, a folder full of poems to support me, a texted testimony, or simply spending time with me to keep my head above water,

I do not have to suffer through famine, genocide, or natural disaster.
My experience with loss is not personal only supportive.
Needless to say. I have it far too easy to hold any true wisdom.

Now would be the time to click to someone else's blog if you are seeking the following:

a) An insanely beautiful british girl who eats amazing food and travels the world
(If you want one like this I suggest thelondoner.me.blogspot.com) 
b) An insanely beautiful and talented DIY junky to share all of her latest how-to's.
(Ya I am so inexperienced with this I can't even direct you somewhere good.... my poor future husband)
c) An insanely beautiful photographer/musician/goddess who dresses so good you could die
(I suggest TBartonPhotography.blogspot.com)
d) An insanely beautiful and ridiculously talented poet who will blow your mind with her rad rhymes 
(defs hit up livingoncaughtdreams.blogspot.com)
e) Someone who is really smart that will always have something ridiculously amazing to share. 


if you are... 

a) Confused with things that are happening in your life and not sure how to completely trust in the Lords timing.
b) Sick and sick of it
c) An aspiring dancer
d) have BIG dreams 
f) Just one of my best friends that will read my ridiculousness because you love me

Feel Free To Stay 
Share if you have similar experiences, thoughts or feelings

 I felt like sharing some of the details of my life that are found between the dance steps
That might help someone else on their life's journey

So please lets help each other out in the process of searching for health and happiness!

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