Friday, November 29, 2013


(Sorry for the random pic, but this was a shot from a fun shoot with Kati Ellis this summer!)

If you know me, you know I am in your ears and begging for you to speak to me before we have properly said our hello's. I'm relentless to the point where some people need to tell me to stop talking to every person I meet about their personal lives. I have been affectionately refereed to as, "overly-chatty."

I really can't help it.

 I was born with the desire to mindfully observe the world around me. I've learned over the years that everyone's life is overflowing with stories that need to be shared. Stories that create amazing people, stories that inspire us, stories I need to know. 

Stories that I am grateful for. 

Recently I wrote a post about how happy I was, and in it I rattled off a long list of things I am thankful for. Today I am thankful to my God for all of those things and of course so much more, but rather than the old and worn Thanksgiving post about why you need to be grateful for your food (as you should be) I am going to talk about my gratitude for stories. 

I recently listened to a reading by Brian Doyle where I was reminded that, "All moments are pregnant with miracle." What a powerful idea. This moment we are in right now is filled with miraculous ideas and opportunities that can be shared, and can serve, and can maybe even save. 

There is magic everywhere.

 It is in the story of Savannah surviving a Typhoon and feeding others while she herself starved. It is in the story of the young girl who used all of her money to fly to Peru, Fiji, and Nepal to serve struggling children. It is in the stories of every person who ever shared what they believed with someone else. It is in the stories of Mothers all around the country cutting the crust off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It is in the stories of the firefighters who ran into the Twin Towers on September 11th knowing they would never come out. It is in the kids who invite someone new to play with them at recess. It is in the person who tells a stranger they are pretty. It is in the story of the two women who ran in front of bullets to protect the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is in the story of the person who returned my keys to the lost and found. It is in the stories of men and women defying heartbreaking statistics by falling in love with their spouses again and again, day after day. It is in the story behind the smile someone gave you on your way to school or work today. It is in the stories of children believing in Santa Clause, and Christmas gifts given by one family for another. It is in the stories of hugs after long and difficult days.  

It is in the stories of people who forgive the unforgivable and believe the unbelievable. 

Gratitude can be found in the stories. 

I hope to share my stories one day with the world. I hope you all will too. 
Because each one of our lives is pregnant with stories that are pregnant with miracles. 

We are made up of a lifetime of wonderful experiences that make up wonderful people. 

This year I want to share my gratitude for a few incredibly important people in my life that have kept my head above water during one of my most difficult experiences. Whether you know it or not, I want to send a big thank you to my Mom, Dad, Tyler, Heather, Kurtis, Megan, Jordan, Bre, Nessa, Savannah, Amy, Maura, Eliza, Ely, Kayla, Lucy, Ash, Lizzie, Ashlee, Katie, Jana, Natalie, Brent, Bryn, Jordyn, Hannah, and Michael. I am sure I have missed many important people. To ALL of you who I may have forgotten, and all those who read my blog, I say THANK YOU!

Happy Late Thanks Giving

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  1. Haley,

    You have a talent with words that inspires me. Thank you for sharing your gratitude with me. True Thanksgiving can be so often overlooked with food, black friday, and football-- its wonderful to be reminded that it is a celebration of thanks for our freedom to write our own stories and create our own miracles. Love you lady.