Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Stay awhile.
Sit here and jump with me on the bed and cuddle up as we gush over McDreamy and stammer over Meredith’s fickle heart. Let the memories drip down our cheeks and make our breath come out in squeals of laughter. Before our toddlers waddle around our ankles. Before we fall in love with him and make our vows. Before timeouts and lullaby’s and you are my forever’s pepper our lips. Let’s pretend that Nashville doesn’t exist and New York City isn’t a place. Let’s pretend someday we won't have babies to get home to and dishes that can't wait.
            Stay a while with me and let’s fain flirting with Harry Styles. Let’s laugh until our stomach’s cramp and our face muscles charley horse. Let’s scream while the outlet your hair dryer is plugged into erupts in flames and run far away in our flimsy robes. Let me wake you with a jolt to remind you that you have slept through your alarm and already missed two of your classes yet again.
            Let me tell you he probably didn’t call because his cat died or his grandmother won the lottery or you have the wrong number or he got caught on fire. Let me dance with you and let us prove to the world what real beauty looks like.
            Let us get dairy free ice cream where the worker has seen us so much he knows our orders by heart. Let us dream about our plans and what we always swear will happen. Let’s shop in bulk at Costco and feed each other dinner night after night. Let us scold each other for talking bad about ourselves, and force two compliments out after every insult. 
Let us dream of Cafe Rio at all hours of the day, and dry each others dishes when we are too busy to clean them ourselves. Do my hair in princess twists and boldly tell me what you want. Brush your teeth with me in the morning and remind me that what is mine is also yours. Let me know when I look pretty, and when that top would probably look better with something else. 
            Stay a while and show me what women with truly pure hearts look like. Remind me to be fully invested in all that I do. Let me fall asleep on the ground of a craft store while you use your talents to make a masterpiece out of our apartment. Sing songs about saying something and broken hearts and silver linings. Let me show you off like my own personal jukebox. Teach me to pray a little more sincerely and hug a little tighter.
            Stay a while and be my best friend forever. Before we will have to go home to the little ones and our wonderful husbands.

Stay a while and forget that Nashville exists and that New York City is calling your name. 
Jump on my bed one more time and dream of what our coming futures will hold.



  1. So sweet and sincere and endearing. So beautiful.

  2. Wonderful dance steps ..
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