Sunday, January 19, 2014


Even when the brunt of trials are behind you, sometimes full strength can feel far in the distance. 

Since the onset of my illness, I have talked to many different people who have had similar situations. I've learned that what I am dealing with is not all that rare, but something many people are feeling broken over. Even outside of my particular ailments, I am learning of sick people everywhere who are frustrated and exhausted of looking for a diagnosis or a cure. 
To each of you who are unwell whether physically mentally or emotionally, and cannot live your life to what you feel is the fullest I am here to say I am sorry, and that I understand in some way what you are going through. 

 Many of us are fighting very similar battles. 

Some things I want to remind myself of when my newly healthy body takes a dip is:

1. Don't give up. Modern medicine is always improving, and there is a doctor out there that will heal you. It may take ten months, it may ten years, but having good health in any way is a righteous desire. (D&C 11:8) Don't give up.
2. Learn something. In the thick of my health concerns, all I can focus on is how much I want to feel well again. When I was at my most sick, it wasn't until I had been dealing with it for quite some time that I realized perhaps I was sick for a reason. Figure out what you need to learn, and how being sick can help you learn it. 
3. Pray. Doctors are only human. While they are very good at their jobs, they cannot explain everything. I have needed to pray constantly to know which pills to take, which doctor to listen to and which direction to turn. The only being with these answers is our Father in Heaven, and we need him more than we know. 

I can honestly say at this time that being sick is one of the greatest blessing of my entire life. I would not change it for anything. Sister Hinckley once said, "I am grateful that the lord in his wisdom saw fit to deprive me of my health and strength for a sufficient length of time that I came to appreciate what good health means and what joy there is in being able to do a day's honest work. And I have now come to sympathize and understand better the discouragement of the sick among us. I came to know what the love of a neighbor and goodness of a friend can mean in a time of need. I am indeed grateful that there have been a few times in my life that I have had to depend entirely on the Lord for my well-being and comfort."

I hope everyone gets well soon.
Whatever the ailment may be.

But for the waiting period,
or the reminder period,
or the "will this ever end?" period.

Help me hang in there


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