Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We will stand as witnesses of God,
 at all times
and in all things, 
and in all places

This past weekend at the General Woman's Broadcast I sat in awe listening to incredible women and leaders of our church talk to us and encourage us to reach our potential. 
I was so happy to be sitting next to two of my greatest examples--my mother and sister in law-- and feeling the great strength of wonderful women watching from all around the world. 

In the middle of all this inspiration and love, I must admit I was hit with a pang of guilt as I heard praise be given to each of us for our service and goodness. I do not feel I am always living up to the great standard we as women are given in the Church. We are so blessed with righteous examples that we can follow every day, and yet I am still prone to being self-centered and selfish. 

 Maybe you all disagree, but I think we "Millennials," should look to our mothers and grandmothers and all of these great women that have gone before us as examples of how we really should act. When it comes down to it, are we really living up to all the praise we as women in the Church receive? Let's make sure we are from now on!

Now this gets overwhelming for me quick. So lets chill out for a sec and all begin with one idea I heard today in one of my religion classes at BYU. 

Let's begin our morning prayers everyday with this in mind:

"Lord, you have given me 24 hours today, what would you have me do with it? Who would you have me serve, what would you have me learn?"

I am so grateful for wonderful examples in my life, and the chance I have to recognize mistakes and improve myself through the atonement. 

Love you all dearly and hope your weeks are going well!


Oh and uh… here's some fun from the Festival of Colors this weekend!!! I know you all had a great time at it too!

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