Friday, June 13, 2014


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While in my yoga class a couple of days ago, the instructor said something that I had heard many times before, but for some reason it resonated especially powerfully for me at this time.

She said, "Honor the body you are in today."

I do a lot lately in order to help my body be in the best position to get healthy, but if there is something I do not do,

It’s that.

Since my Lyme diagnosis I have learned that a lot of the things that I have spent so much time being upset with my body for, are actually the result of the things it has been doing to protect me from illness as best it can.

How sad that makes me, to think of how mean I have been. Every time my mind couldn’t remember the answers to a test or my body couldn’t pull me up a hill. Every time my joints felt like they were going to crumble and my swollen limbs pulsated with pain.

Every. Time.

 My body has been fighting a hard battle for my sake. And still I have sunk my teeth into it a little deeper, chastising it for not being stronger or more capable. So angry that it couldn’t function like someone else’s.

I spent more time frustrated with myself than I did thanking myself, it’s a wonder any part of me has the will to keep functioning at all.

And yet it has been on my team the whole time! It has given up its usual luxuries in order to exhaust itself day in and day out in pursuit of healing.

Holy moly…
I’m the WORST.

Now this isn’t just a disease thing, I mean really it can’t be! How many times have all of us looked at ourselves in the mirror unforgivingly. Or sat in school and listened to other students jet their hands in the air for question after question, upset that we aren’t just a little bit smarter. Or made a mistake in a relationship or flopped on an important decision and didn’t beg for a little more wisdom. We all want to be a little better tomorrow, but are we doing that while still honoring who we are today?

The Lord has blessed us with the most incredible machines we could have ever dreamed of. Our bodies are constantly working for our happiness without our even realizing or taking notice of it!

The very fact that you are reading this is incredible!

So I have decided that instead of hating our bodies for their limitations today.
Or dreading improvements won’t come tomorrow.
Or wishing for a healthier yesterday.

We should accept our limitations, and still honestly seek for improvement.

But then decide to thank God for the gift he has given us today.
Because while you just failed that math test,
your lungs are pumping air in and out with a vitality worthy of the stars approval.

So honor who you are today!


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