Sunday, August 3, 2014


This may or may not be the most hypocritical thing I will ever post...

 But I am in particular need of this certain piece of wisdom I think.
Hopefully sharing it will help me be better at it! 

I went to dinner with my mom a couple of days ago and got chastised a few times for constantly looking at my phone throughout the evening. 

(She was perfectly justified in getting frustrated... How rude is it that I get the chance to have dinner with my mom who has literally done everything for me in this life and I chose to look at "so-and-so's" happy birthday post to "such-and-such.") 

She told me that on Sunday a woman in our ward had given a talk on the value of looking up from our phones and the things we are doing in order to see the truly valuable things in life. 

President Uchtdorf has a quote in his talk, "Of Things That Matter Most," that expresses this idea well. 
It says,

"My dear brothers and sisters, we would do well to slow down a little, proceed at the optimum speed for our circumstances, focus on the significant, lift up our eyes, and truly see the things that matter most."

Now I know the meat of this talk was focussing on slowing down from our fast-paced lives and truly experience the world our Father in Heaven has created for us. But I found it particularly interesting that he said to, "lift up our eyes." 

Our heads are
constantly tilted down.

Our eyes are almost ALWAYS looking down! 
I wouldn't be surprised if we all had arthritis in our necks one day because of it!

How many times do I walk up to campus with my head stuck in my phone rather than looking up to see who might need a smile or a bit of help that day. There are so many opportunities the Lord can give us to serve if we choose to look past our iPhones and out into the world.

I see social media as a source of a lot of good, but I do think we could all probably be a little better at using it in moderation. 

So here is to looking up to see what the Lord needs us for this day. 
Let's all be a little better at putting away our phones and engaging with the people who need us. 
Because that is where we are truly needed! 

People don't need our Instagram posts, or our snapchats or our tweets as much as they need our time and support. 

Have a wonderful Sabbath all you fabulous people!
You are all amazing. 


Also Kayla's missionary came home this week and Lucy and I got to be there to film it. It was an awesome experience. You will all probably start crying so uh... ya check it out!

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