Thursday, January 22, 2015


As of late there has been a lot of "body loving" talk. 

And let me tell you, I've come to be "all about it."
Not necessarily just that bass
But all about loving yourself come rain or shine, come bones or bootie. 

As a dancer I have seen and experienced the corroding effects of body bashing.
Currently we talk about the media's portrayal of beauty and the terrible affect it has on our minds and on our hearts. While the way the world falsifies the true nature of the human body is terrible, I believe the most damage is done within our own brains.

The way we talk about ourselves and to ourselves is, in my opinion, the game changer.
But it takes a certain something in order to be able to speak to ourselves in a way we will actually


This self love is developed first and foremost by understanding who we belong to.

As children of God we have a potential both here on earth and in the eternities that we cannot at this time begin to comprehend. There is good to be done that we cannot fathom. There is strength inside of us that is waiting to be manifested, and someday it will be realized.

Heavenly Father loves us. The sunset outside your window tonight that catches your eye and reflects all the blessings you have seen today in a masterful sky was made by the same being that created you. The detail spent in building every flower and snowflake was tripled in order to create your pinky finger. God made you beautiful and incredible.

My cousin Katie once told me something that I try to remind myself often. She said that when I was born, before I had even done anything, I was needed. I hadn't ran a marathon, or become the president of the Unites States, or started a non-profit, and yet... my Mom and Dad would have done anything for me simply because I was here and I was alive.

The same is true for all of you. Your very existence makes you valuable beyond measure. You are an integral part of your society. Your voice is required. Your spirit can change things. You are powerful and capable, and that makes you more beautiful than any flat stomach ever could.

Now, with all of this knowledge in our think tank, let's not pretend taking care of ourselves is a bad thing. At a Stake Conference in the fall Elder Ballard even told us that its not such a bad idea to "wear a little lip-stick now and then."
Taking care of ourselves and making ourselves look and feel our best is NOT a sin.

The problem comes when we put too much value in it.
In fact I believe that our obsession with looking a certain way is one of our worlds biggest "Idols."
When we put looking good and even eating right as more important than God and serving his people, we are most definitely in the wrong. When the time we spend at the gym and preparing our meals and doing our makeup far outweighs the amount of time we spend reading our scriptures, saying our prayers and sharing our testimonies.... we have some changes that could be made.

It's all about balance

As we have said before, every aspect of ourselves here on earth is to be used to forward the Lords work. We need to be taking care of our bodies so that we are better able to serve others. It does in fact take fitness in order to do all that is required of us (though Illness doesn't count for this; all that God asks is that we do our best with what we have, and from there he will provide the means in which we can serve him). But it does not take a thigh gap or absolutely perfect hair to do anything.

God doesn't care what you look like, he has watched as the styles of what is beautiful change over generations. The worlds definition of beauty is malleable, but to him the definition of beauty is constant. The beauty of a person is born from their belief in who they are, and in realizing their spiritual potential. God knows our potential, so we are ever radiant in his eyes.

As far as the beauty that comes from the attention the world might give you, I can say with absolute certainty ladies, men do not have a standard body type that they want.
They might not even realize it, though I assume most probably do, men are attracted to women who love them self.
That's it.
That is THE secret.

So decide you are a babe and get on with it.
There are more important things to monopolize your time...
I know the talents you have in those two hands, and I want to see you get some work done.

I'd be lying if I left this post pretending like I have always felt this way. I have definitely bought into the worlds standard of beauty more often than I have realized God's.

But the last time I let the worlds definition hurt my confidence I called my mom to complain a bit and this was what she responded with:

"Haley, you are beautiful no matter what. It is time to channel your inner Beyonce."

And so today I say to all of you, you are gorgeous.
Even if you don't believe it today, as with all other things God desperately wants you to believe, he will provide a way for you to realize it someday.

I am telling the truth.

You are beautiful.
Go get em you little "Beyonce's" you!

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  1. I loved this post - it is VERY needed these days! I've found what you said about what guys want to be true since I've been pregnant for the first time. On the days when I feel "fat" and ugly, I notice that Adam looks at me like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world, because I'm carrying his child and I'm so excited about it. He loves seeing me beaming with joy and that makes me more attractive to him. Guys aren't as shallow as we think - the world just lies to us. Thank you for posting! You made me cry a little and then laugh out loud with your mom's response. ;) Love you, Hay!