Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I don't know how to say those two words loud enough or proud enough. 

But thank you. 


I have been flooded with feelings of love and appreciation for so many lately. 

I don't know why the Lord has allowed me to be so blessed, but truly thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have showed me so much kindness. 

I came home last night to a sweet card that had been left at our apartment door. 

This wonderful person didn't leave their name with it, and they can't possibly have known at the time, but their small act had a HUGE impact on me that day.

And this isn't the first time!

On top of that I have had friends leave gifts and notes, I have received Facebook messages and text messages from so many of you. I have had people call me or sit down with me for hours and listen to my experiences and share their insights for support on various occasions. 

It all makes me want to EXPLODE with gratitude!!!!


 From these good vibes you wonderful people have sent me, I want to ask you all to keep the ball rolling. 

Get out this week and write someone a kind note. Give a stranger a compliment. Talk with someone who needs your support. Let's look beyond ourselves and find someone who needs us.

Because I want to do good things with you guys.

I wanna make smiles spread across faces. 

I want to see a world of broken people put back together again by a few simple words. 

We are each finding ourselves bent out of shape over and over again. 

I know so many of you are struggling...

And I want to reach through the computer screen and wipe the tears from your faces and from your hearts.

Of course we can't heal the world in one sitting, only the Savior could perform that act.

But as we live with the desire to reflect his love, we have so much power to do good. 

Really it's unbelievable what we are capable of doing. 

In a small note, or a text, or a Facebook message we can lift up the heart of someone on a day that very well may have been the worst one they have had yet. 

So to you brilliant people who have helped to lift up my chin and made me smile through watery eyes. 

I say thank you.

You put me back together.

Now lets go be the Kings men,

And find some more Humpty Dumpty's so we can actually put them back together again.



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