Sunday, March 22, 2015


Once upon a time 
I went on a Daddy Daughter trip with my cute Papa...

And we had a TOTAL blast!

While there we met some REALLY cool people EVERYWHERE we went. 
Like literally. 

Two particularly interesting people that we met where found while on our cab drives.

The first cab driver we met was a darling old man. 
Lets call him.... Joe. 

As I got in and started chatting with Joe I couldn't help but notice the brightness about him. 
From our conversation I learned that he was from Ethiopia and had spent the last eighteen years in America. 

Our conversation went like this;
Me: "Ethiopia? Wow! So why did you pick Memphis as the place in the States to settle down?"
Joe: "I don't know, I just got lucky I guess!"
Me: "Oh great! So you like living here?"
Joe:"Of course! Everything is great here in America."
Me: "Do you have a family?"
Joe: "Yes many kids and family all around."
Me: "Do you like working as a cab driver?"
Joe: "Yes of course! It is a job, I am very happy!"

I left the cab thinking, "Gee what a positive guy in every way!"

Not three hours later we got back into a different cab to go get some food and I met a very different young man. We will call him.... Benny. 

I jumped in the car eager to hear what interesting life this new taxi driver had lead. Once again I began by asking him where he was from. 

"Ethiopia." Was his curt reply. 

"Just like Joe!" I thought.

Our conversation went like this;
Me: "Ethiopia? Wow! So why did you pick Memphis as the place in America to settle down?"
Benny: "I don't know, just where I ended up."
(He might as well have said, "Just Unlucky I guess."
Me: "Do you like it here?"
Benny: "No I have been a lot of other places that I like way more. Everyone said I should go to America and that everything will be great there. But it's not. Where I came from is much better."
Me: "Oh really? I'm so sorry! Do you like your job here?"
Benny: "No."
Me: "Oh uh... oh dear... well do you have any friends or family around."
Benny: "No, having friends is bad news. I am staying away from that. I don't need friends in my life."

Ha. OK....

His sour attitude went on for the rest of the cab drive and I found myself getting more and more frustrated with him. 

These two men came from the same places and had the same jobs in the same city. And yet they were so VERY different. 

It showed me that you get what you are looking for. If you look at your life and say that it is miserable and that nothing will bring you joy, then it is very likely that nothing ever will. 

"The Lord has given us His promise that those “who [receive] all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto [them], even an hundred fold, yea, more.” -President Uchtdorf 

But if we respond to the question of how we got to each of our experiences whether difficult or otherwise with,

"I don't know, I'm just lucky I guess."

Well then I am gonna guess life is going to be much sweeter for each of us. 

How did I get to this place where I am right now with all of its miserable lows and exceptional highs?

Just lucky I guess. 
And aren't you all so lucky too. 


So grateful for Martin Luther King Jr. and the power his voice has had and will continue to have.

Our world... it might be a slight problem... Don't worry we put our phones down later.

It doesn't get much sassier than this.

Life with this lady is a hoot. ALWAYS.

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