Sunday, November 1, 2015

Through the lens of man

This semester in school I am taking a Women's Studies class. It has been so neat to learn about women in the world and the history of their experiences, both challenging and victorious.


I have come to agree with Emmeline B. Wells when she said, "I believe in women, especially thinking women." I really am very proud to be female. It's pretty cool.

Anywayzzzzz, the reading for this week was on women and religion. Hot topic these days right? I thought so too. One of the articles we read was clearly written by a woman who didn't support religion. She discussed the ways in which she feels women who belong to organized religion are made to be subordinate to men. One of the quotes from her article was, "Religions maintain women's oppression through church laws that require wives to submit to their husbands." Immediately this statement felt wrong. It was so far from everything I had ever been taught, and even anything that the spirit had impressed upon me.

When it comes to opinions that are different than my own, I really try to understand the perspective and thought process of the person it comes from, rather than writing it off as something that isn't worth learning about. So on this topic I tried to think about why the author of this article might have come to this conclusion, and I learned something about the gospel in general.

When we look at our concerns about the gospel through the lens of man, and see it as an institution developed and delegated by men, we can very easily find fault in it. It is reasonable to see why she thinks that organized religion is meant to keep women subordinate, if we recognize how she believes our institution is developed. People are imperfect as we all know, so if we believe people are deciding the laws we are obedient to, we can easily assume there is fault in them. BUT if we look at our concerns about the gospel through the lens of spiritual eyes, and see it as an institution developed and delegated by God, the Lord can teach us about his plan for us and why he runs things the way he does. God's laws are perfect.

The trick about direction from the spirit, and guidance from God is, it is difficult to explain fully to someone else until they have experienced and recognized it for themselves. I can understand why we can look like blind believers, easily giving in to something that defines our temporal existence. BUT As a Latter-Day Saint, I have worked hard to develop my testimony of this Gospel. I have searched and challenged myself to be sure I really believe what I do. I have not believed blindly, and I cannot deny the spiritual experiences that the Lord has used to teach me about his plan for me.

I suppose what I have taken away from this topic is to not judge those who believe differently than me. It is important to recognize that all argument is beneficial wether we agree with it or not. That being said, through prayer and study I myself have learned that God loves all of his children. If we exercise faith, and ask Him to help us understand his purposes and reasoning, overtime we will come to find peace in our testimonies of the gospel.

"Doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith."


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