Wednesday, March 9, 2016

8 Tips Shared with me for Patriarchal Blessing Study

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend my home ward's women's conference. It was absolutely amazing and I left feeling SO inspired. Women are amazing. That's just the way it is.

One of the classes I got to attend was "Gleaning more from your patriarchal blessing." I have always loved studying my patriarchal blessing, and I was so excited to take a class specifically on the subject.

The class was filled with so many amazing insights and I wanted to share of them here with you today! The teachers name was Sister Peterson, and she gave us a list of exercises that we can do in order to better study and understand our blessings. Here is the list:

1. Read it!!!
- Easy enough! I try to read mine every sacrament meeting while I am pondering over my week and the things that I need to repent for. I always find that it shows me goals that I should have, and ways I could be doing better. It is especially helpful to be reminded of the blessings that will come if I choose to improve myself in the coming week.

2. Memorize it
- WOAH. Yeah I haven't done that one yet, but I will! She taught us that if we memorize it, specific lines from it will come to our mind at exactly the time that we need them. Similar to memorizing scriptures for the purpose of recalling them in times of trouble, our patriarchal blessings can guide us through life each day. 

3. Request and read Ancestors Blessings
- This is one I am particularly excited about. I haven't done it yet, but I think it would be AMAZING to read the words that helped sustain and carry those that have gone before me. It would be particularly interesting to see if there are specific gifts and blessings that are promised to their posterity. When reading this we can see one of the reasons our ancestors may have chosen to live righteously, and the blessings I am allowed because of that. 

How to do this:
        1) Go to 2) Click on "My Account and ward" top right hand corner 3) Sign in. 4) Select "Patriarchal Blessing" in search bar. 5) Right Hand side bar click "Request a copy of your blessing." Personal blessings are uploaded, ancestors' blessings are mailed or emailed. It may take up to a month to receive a copy of the blessing you have requested. 

4. Compare Ancestor's blessings to your's, look for common blessings, family work, gifts, talents, spiritual gifts, opportunities, traits, and patterns. - I am literally SO excited to do this!!!!

5. Search your own blessings and create and fill the following categories: Gifts, Talents, and Admonitions. Set goals to help you utilize this individualized patriarchal blessing toolkit. Look for and acknowledge was your blessing has been fulfilled. - I have been doing this and I can honestly say that it has been amazing! More info to come later in the post! 

6. Look for key action words, ideas, that are repeated, and a main theme in your blessing. Pay special attention to these. - I had never thought about picking out a main theme of my blessing. Finding that can allow me to make that the theme of my life. Studying our blessings seem to be a lot like studying our scriptures! 

7. Look for specific guidance for this exact season in your life. Pull out EVERYTHING that could be helpful in navigating it. Repeat with each new calling, opportunity and season. - This is absolutely something I want to do moving forward. I wonder what specific things could apply to the "lyme" season of my life. 

8. Check your current path and goals against the counsel and insight found in your blessing. - This is amazingly helpful in deciding our career plans, our educational plans, our relationship plans and so much more. If we need help and aren't sure what to do, let's look to our blessings and see if they have any insight! 

Using some of these suggestions has been incredible for me. As I have studied my blessing to recognize what gift and talents the Lord has bestowed upon me, I have learned more about myself and about my creator. I have learned that we are doing better than we think we are, and we have more potential than we think we do. He loves us so much that he has given us talents, gifts and admonitions to use in bringing about his righteous plans for us.

My favorite thing I learned in this class is that we should observe the gifts that are overtly stated in our blessings, and then DARE to recognize the gifts that may be implied. The Lord encourages us to ask for every good gift, and there are about a zillion out there to choose from! So let's pray for them and use them!

I have loved studying my blessing this way. Give it a shot and see what it teaches you!!!

As President James E. Faust once said, "If through our priesthood blessings, we could perceive only a small part of the person God intends us to be, we would lose our fear and never doubt again... such individual blessings are part of the continuous revelation that we claim as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." ("Priesthood Blessings," Ensign, Nov 1995, 62)

Love ya'll!!


  1. Those were some great tips. My favorite tip for studying patriarchal blessing is in a video I did about scripture study. At 11 minutes I start talking about how I typed up my patriarchal blessing into scripture format and cross reference it with my scriptures.

  2. I think I was at this same conference! So glad you recorded this because I didn't get one of those handouts. Can't wait to apply all of these. Thank you!

  3. Looooove this! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Are saying you have Lyme disease? I have suffered with it for almost 25 years. Thank you for a great post. Pinning it.

  5. Are saying you have Lyme disease? I have suffered with it for almost 25 years. Thank you for a great post. Pinning it.

  6. Haley! I am getting my patriarchial blessing this sunday!! �� thanks for these tips. I will TOTALLY do them

  7. Thank you for the tips!! This was written beautifully! :)

  8. I heard a Temple sealer once state that he thought that Heavenly Father would not have sent us to earth without giving us a blessing before we left to come down. and since we can't remember that He gives us our Patriarchal Blessing which is the same blessing as before so we can study it and remember.

  9. Thanks for sharing! This is great!

  10. This is amazing i will try it.

  11. This is a really great blog post. I stumbled upon it via Pinterest! I used to think that PB's were so sacred and to be shared with no one.. but now that we have access to blessings from our ancestors, it just makes the Plan of Salvation so much better!! :)

    1. I also found this pinterest! Really inspiring and great tips!

    2. From Q: May I share my patriarchal blessing with others?

      A: Handbook 2 states: “Each patriarchal blessing is sacred, confidential, and personal.” Further, “Church members should not compare blessings and should not share them except with close family members. Patriarchal blessings should not be read in Church meetings or other public gatherings” (20.12.2). They should not be distributed or shared through electronic means, such as in the Memories section of FamilySearch or on social media, websites, or blogs."

      That being said, I have shared some concepts in my Blessing as an example of what one can expect or things to look for. At our last Stake Women's Conference our Stake Patriarch was one of the speakers. He told us he was a great lover of figurative speech and to keep that in mind when reading our Blessing. I did and since I am a great lover of nature I realized that some of the references to flowering bushes and shady forests had other meanings. The more we seek to know, the more that will be revealed to us. Treasure your Blessing!

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