Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bite me.

Hello ladies and gents!

This month is lyme disease awareness month.

It's kind of crazy that we have to raise awareness for the fastest growing infectious bacterial disease in the USA. With so many people suffering every day, you'd think it was something on every infectious disease doctor's radar. None the less, here we are.


We need more research, more time, and more energy put into finding a universal cure that is affordable for all. Too many lives have stopped in their tracks due to this debilitating illness.

By small and creepy bugs are entire lives brought to ashes. 

Thankfully I have been lucky enough to still have a life that I love. It isn't what I had planned on, but it is still a wonderful life. I believe Heavenly Father has given me a deep and undeniable desire to continue to live a life of purpose in spite of what has been debilitating to me. Though I can only do some of what I want to, He gives me the strength to continue on. One reason I believe this fire has been planted within me, is so I can try to make a difference for others suffering with disease. I need to support those who truly have no life and no support left.

So here I am. Calling out to each of you. Please take the time to help support this cause. Take a bite out of lyme and share your video or picture online. Help us get back to the lives we have always dreamed of.

It's poetic isn't it? The only way to get all of these people healed is to come together in support of one another.

Show love and understanding for those around you when you see they are sick. Don't rely on their outward appearance. This illness is invisible, and that is a good portion of what makes it so painful.

Trust. Believe. Support.

Take a bite out of lyme. 


My awesome students helped me take a bite out of lyme this week! It means so much to me to have their love and support! 


  1. This is so great and inspiring! How did you know you had it??

    1. Thank you!! I got incredibly sick nearly four years ago now. I couldn't get out of bed because of terrible migraines and exaustion. I went to a bunch of doctors and non of them could figure out what was wrong. Finally after a year and a half I was tested for Lyme and came back positive right away!