Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lumos Maxima

Because I am a journalism student at BYU, I spend 90% of my time in the Brimhall building. If back in the day I were to have chosen which building would be my"four year prison" based on looks alone, Brimhall definitely wouldn't have made the list. Let's just say it isn't the most photographed building on campus. Aesthetics aside, there is a plaque that hangs on the wall in there that has made the Brimhall holy ground for me. In fact I love it so much, it has made my list of "Top five favorite places on BYU's campus." I'll share them with you at the end of my post today!

On the plaque it says:

"From the Wisdom of George Brimhall":

1. If you avoid difficult things, great things will avoid you.
2. Fully repentant black sheep become white sheep.
3. Leadership never strolls, it strides.
4. God illuminates without consuming; Satan consumes without illuminating.

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5. Face what is, and thereby qualify to dream of what may be.
6. Be bigger than your mistakes
7. Climb high that you might help others up.
8. It is a sin to be ignorant when there is opportunity for knowledge.
9. Make no excuses -- make good.
10. Humility is a safeguard against humiliation.
I think every one of these points deserves lengthy study and application, but today I want to focus on his fourth piece of wisdom: "God illuminates without consuming; Satan consumes without illuminating." 


If this statement is true, then we can be even more assured of the love that our Father in Heaven has for us.

If there is a particular sin that we are struggling with, Satan is going to do his best to allow it to consume us. He will convince us that we are in the depths of darkness, and that we will never be able to get out. He will teach us that progress is not an option for us any longer. 

The Lord on the other hand will illuminate a way to relief. He has provided the steps to overcome our weaknesses and invites us to come closer to him. He will not shame us to the point of no return. He will always teach us that progress comes through Him, and show us how we can improve and be made more like our Savior. 

If there is an important step in our lives like marriage, a mission, or a career path, Satan will encourage us to be consumed with fear. He wants nothing more than to keep us stagnant. He will convince us that too much can go too wrong. He will paralyze us. 

The Lord will help us recognize the genuine concerns that come with big decisions, and then as we seek his help will light the way before us. As we pray to Him he will help us take on our fears and show us the way to peace through pushing forward. He will illuminate our futures. 

This same pattern works for our goals, dreams and much much more. 

Whether you are dealing with sin, taking a big step in your life, or struggling accomplishing a goal or dream of yours, try to distinguish which voice is speaking to you. If you are feeling consumed and stagnant, odds are the adversary is working on you. Push those thoughts aside and say a prayer. Ask for the Lord to help illuminate the way to progress before you. As we act in faith I know the Lord will support us. 

I sure love you all!
Hang in there.

As promised, here are my top 5 favorite spots on BYU's campus:

1. The Maeser Building

  • This place is Heaven. It is the honors building so it is basically always quiet and perfect for studying. The architecture is super pretty, and I love just exploring the whole building. If you go to BYU and you haven't studied there yet. Do it!

2. In front of Brimhall's plaque in the Brimhall. 

  • This place is great for the reasons given earlier in the post, but also because it's right next to the Adlab. At any point of the day you can hear all of those crazy creatives going off! It's nice to know that somewhere in that building people aren't in full blown panic mode over a story deadline. Must be nice. 

3. Fourth floor outside patio of the JFSB. 

  • Stunning view and great place for studying! You look across campus from that vantage point and just can't help but feel thankful for the opportunity to be getting a stellar education.

4. Blue Line Deli.

  • Tanner Building + Food. Need I say more?? (for those of you that don't go to BYU, the Tanner is the business building on campus.) Many a romance, I mean business deal, has started in that little cafe.

5. Periodicals in the library closest to the window. 

  • Surprisingly not the most productive study spot on campus during finals week, but definitely the most social! Also it's always fun to watch all of the weird people roll down the hill. Oh! And that couple with no shame that is cuddling in front of everyone. We see you. 

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