Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's good to be back

Gosh it's good to be back at BYU! I can't believe I am entering into my final year of my undergraduate degree. I swear just yesterday I was taking the worlds worst ID card picture and rushing to my very first Book of Mormon class!

I love the beginning of fall semester every time it comes around. There's a kind of euphoria around the whole experience.

I love walking through campus on the first day of school. The air is electric with excitement. Nearly everyone is hopeful about what changes this new year might bring for their lives.

I love hearing the chatter of different languages as I walk through the maze of buildings. Half of me is rolling my eyes at the students trying to show off, and the other half is astounded at how much good these people are going to do with their knowledge.

I love laughing at the new freshmen girls with their promise necklaces hanging around their necks. (Give em a couple of weeks and those babies will have disappeared into the corners of their lavishly decorated dorm rooms.)

I'm always amused by how easy it is to pick out the freshly returned missionaries and the ridiculous cadence they picked up while they were away. (Can we talk about this? It is so dang distracting! The whole time they are talking I'm thinking, "Why did they put so much emphases on that random word? Are they speaking in code?" And, "Why are they whispering at me like their voice is thick with honey? I feel weird...." Ok rant over.)

I cringe at the high pitch screams that make up the long awaited reunions. And then laugh out loud at how many times I hear, "You're engaged!!" or "She got married?! She wasn't even dating anyone in April?!" 

I love watching students frantically run from room to room and building to building, completely at a loss for where their ten o'clock class is supposed to be. (Literally me every first day of school since I got here.)

I am endlessly entertained by the fact that in every class I go to during the first week of school, at least one person has found themselves in the wrong place and has to awkwardly climb over and entire row of people to get out of the classroom.

I love watching people flirt shamelessly on campus as though they are doing homework for 'Spouse Hunting 101.'

I gag a little (ok a lot) at the couples who perform far too much PDA on campus. But then remind myself that they are happy, and since I'm a big proponent of happiness, I try a little harder to not be disgusted by the fact that they are totally making out where we are supposed to study.

I love that people here have plans. I love that they set goals and that they want to do good. I love that BYU gives us the tools that allow us to believe in our own capacity to do that good. I love that everyone is thinking. That everyone is learning. That everyone is growing. I love that we are all gaining information to bless the world around us.

I love that on the first day of every new semester, the professors stand up and bear their testimonies to each of us. I marvel at the idea that all of these brilliant minds have to be heavy with questions. The more knowledge we gain on any subject, the more questions we can have about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And yet these scholars stand before us, bravely trudging through the burden of questions, and tell us that they believe. That in spite of confusion and frustration, they choose to ask questions with the purpose of proving the Lord right.

It must be daunting to teach here. The clear aims of BYU are found on their website. "The mission of Brigham Young University is to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life." Casual really. Their job is to help us become perfect. 

So here is to another semester of trying to do a little better. Another opportunity to refine our minds and our spirits. Another opportunity to learn about how the Lord will use us to bless the rest of His children. 

It's oh so good to be back. 
I'll be seeing many of you at the Lib! 


p.s. lyme treatment is still happening. I'm surviving and very thankful for all of your prayers. Also Carly and Drew got married! Congrats to them. ANNNNND Lizzie and Jacob are engaged woohoo!

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