Hey everybody! My name is Haley Hilton and I’m a twenty-year-old dancer, writer, and part-time sick kid from Salt Lake City Utah. This blog is to document the experiences and lessons I learn as I roam through rough terrain as a “twenty-something-year-old.” I’m working on my dreams while simultaneously battling illness and the provo dating scene. I like to chat about tough days and happy days and the embarrassing days in between as a young lady who really doesn’t have her ducks all in a row. Welcome welcome everyone! Something tells me we are all going to be GREAT friends!

Hay Bells

A little about me:

i love naps


30 second dance parties

The West Wing (all things Netflix)

Sweet potato fries

my crazy dope dance students

country Music

horseback riding

harry potter




and McDreamy. Always McDreamy. 

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