Once upon a time dance had a way of altering my emotions in dramatic ways. When I was doing well, my world was bright, when I was struggling every light around me seemed to shut down. And yet still something about art has this kind of drug-like affect on me. It becomes as central to my world as breathing. As unbearable as it has been, in having this piece of me taken away I have learned quite a few things about myself. As a dancer, I am more powerful because I have allowed my world to be what I dance about. My focus is not simply the mastery any longer. Dance is not who I am, but it is certainly who I am that makes me a dancer. My need to share and speak in whatever medium possible (as you can see here on my blog) makes my body an adequate vehicle for movement story telling. Dance has provided a way to try to serve humanity. I hope that through my movement I can entertain as well as try to make someone feel less alone or less broken. Over the past three years, as I have had brief times that I could dance amidst illness, I have found that it is one way in which I have asserted my own sense of free will. I am not bound down by my life experiences. Though I am wise and careful with my health, I am still going to live. And dance is how I will do it. Here on the blog I will be sharing video, performance reviews, tips and whatever dance vibes come to mind. Dance on my brilliant friends. 

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